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Got a demo that needs to be made pro? Need help bringing your ideas to life? Have a melody or lyric that you know would be perfect in a song? Let me be the one to help shape your ideas and help you realize your vision. I can work from your demos or vocal melodies, as well as help you write new ones. I have many instrumentals written and can write one with you. I am versitle in many music styles. just let me know what vibe you are looking for.


I love writing songs. It's what I do. I think one my greatest strengths is my ability to come up with many different ideas very quickly. Especially with vocal melodies. So even if you just have a dope beat but need a vocal or vocal melody. I got you. 


I am available to remix your release. I love taking something someone has created and putting a different spin on it. I am comfortable remixing in just any

genre. Downtempo-Edm-Pop- Trap-R&B-Just ask.

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